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  1. Search Marketing
    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is KEY to promote your business. Pilot Marketing can ensure that top rankings in the major search engines will be achieved through out our expertise . Our SEO package includes: Keyword Analysis - Getting the right keywords is one of the most important aspects in SEO. We will help you ascertain what KEY words your prospects use in search engines and adapt your website accordingly to ensure that it is your website they view. Competitor Analysis -The only way to do better than your competitors it'€™s to be better than them. We will analyse your current competitor SEO strategies to ensure that the strategies you adopt will result in great website traffic. Website Search Engine Friendliness -We will ensure that your website is readable by most search engines access to all your pages becomes possible. SEO improvement, we assess your current strategy and help you improve it to reach new levels of performance.
  2. Social Media Marketing
    PILOT MARKETING stands out and PILOTS YOU through the sky of opportunities of online communication and relationship building that only social media can provide. We create captivating social media channels with attractive and relevant content that engages your demographic(s) with your brand and marketing efforts. Some of our Social Media services include: Strategy development and management Analytic reporting Design branding for all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube etc.) On target branded content Optimisation and leveraging Platform integration
  3. e-mail Direct Marketing
    Email marketing campaigns are highly effective for building your online community. They help your business connect with customers and increase sales. E-mail Direct Marketing is still one of the easiest and cheapest ways to promote your business and keep your customers informed online. By using this communication tool in the right way, you can let your loyal customers know when they can take advantage of sales, promotions, events, and encourage them to shop more often just by getting in their inbox. Our challenge as designers is creating an email template that can: Build familiarity and confidence with your customers Look great in all types web browsers and mobile devices Provide ease of maintenance for the user Look great and professional Integrate within your website Connect with your social media channels Help build your brand
  4. Marketing and Business Consulting
    "If you fail to plan you are planning to fail", Benjamin Franklin's words of wisdom may have never resonated so strong as they do today in the fast paced world we live today, where any missed step costs dearly. How do you define your market? Do you really know your customers in their most intimate details? What do they want to see on your shelves, in their shopping basket, why, when and where? Our Marketing Experts can help answer all these questions in an informative and structured way, together with you design a business plan, a marketing plan and be there along the way to see it implemented and measured to ensure it is delivering the best possible results.
  5. Website Design and Development
    Is your website generating a regular stream of quality leads? Are you number 1 on Google? Do you have the ability to easily update your website in-house? Is your website search engine optimised? Is your website mobile friendly? If you have answered NO to any of the above questions you must urgently review your online strategy and seek professional advice. The team at Pilot Marketing has the experience to design and create websites that will drive a regular stream of leads to your business. We will design or redesign a website that is in line with your overall marketing and branding strategy and ensure that the website effectively communicates your company'€™s value proposition. We have a number of website development packages to suit a range individual business requirements. Whether you need a website refresh or a whole new e-commerce site, Our websites are high-quality and mobile friendly and can be managed entirely by you once designed or you can appoint one of our friendly editorial managers to take care of it.
  6. Graphic Design & Publishing
    We can help build your brand and deliver it consistently across a variety of channels including Digital and Print. We'€™ve helped many businesses build successful brands by connecting their product or service in a way that turns the consumer benefit into a compelling call-to-action, while ensuring that every customer touch point is enhanced by the power and consistency of your brand. We work exceptionally hard to bring your brand to life through creative logo design, creative words, effective brand strategy and innovative packaging that ensures your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customers.
  7. Professional Photography and Video
    Photography is a great way to connect with your target audience, people who come to your site want to see your product or service. Yes, they want to read about what you do or offer, but first they want to see an example. Why should we think that giving them a second rate example is acceptable? We can help your business shine. Want to take the next step and really engage your audience? Try our professional videos where we come to you, film, edit and have it ready for you to publish on your site, YouTube or any other medium.
  8. Events Management
    It usually takes a great deal of time and effort from many people to put on an event of importance and sometimes you might question, after many sleepless nights, whether it is all worth it. Our experienced team of Event Managers and Planners can help deliver a sensational event without any of the stress and hassles.


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